Plant Science Books for ICAR- Competitive Exams

Plant Science books recommended by ICAR for Competitive Exams

1. Introduction to Principles of Plant Pathology R. S. Singh
2. Diseases of crop plants in India G. Rangaswami & A. Mahadevan
3. Modern Plant Pathology H. C. Dube
4. Plant pathology D. Alice & C. Jeyalakshmi
5. Plant Pathology A competitive vision Satvinder Kaur Man, Prem Lal Kashyap
& Santosh Singh Kang
6. Plant Pathology at A Glance Utpal Kumar Bhattacharyya
7. Plant Pathology at a glance P. Srinivas
8. Textbook of Pant Pathology Saha
9. Competitive Vision of Plant Pathology Kaur, Mann
10. Plant Breeding: Principles and Methods B. D. Singh and Pundhan Singh
11. Fundamentals of Genetics B. D. Singh and Pundhan Singh
12. Objective Genetics B.K. Prasad & B.D. Singh
13. Objective Plant Breeding B.K. Prasad & B.D. Singh
14. Fungi, Bacteria and Virus H.C. Dubey
15. Introductory Microbiology Tauro and Kapoor
16. Seed Technology Agarwal
17. Objectives of Seed Science Sai Prasad
18. Objectives of Seed Science Ranganayaki
19. Plant Science at A Glance Ajit Kumar Singh


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