Mock Test : General Agriculture – Series 1 (ICAR)


Welcome to your General Agriculture - Series 1

February 21, 2019

Total number of questions : 30

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Prominent foul smell of Karnal bunt is due to
First discovered bacterial disease of plants
Director General, ICAR 2016
Central Agmark Laboratory is located at
Who discovered Bordaux Mixture?
Grey speck of oat is due to the deficiency of
TRYSEM was introduced in the year
Buffer stock is maintained by
Accept when null hypothesis is false
The soil pH range in which most of the nutrients are available
A day neutral plant is
Father of hybrid rice
Richmond Lang effect is associated with
The Chairman of national development of council in India
NARP was launched by
Red soils mainly come under the order
The Chairman of National Commission for Farmers
Organic matter generally contains _______ % organic carbon
High yielding variety program was launched in
Correlation co-efficient is independent of
Livestock loan is a _____ loan
Which among the following is a herbicide?
In nitrification process ammonium is converted to nitrite by
Pahala blight of sugarcane is due to the deficiency of
Famous Indian pathologist, extensively studied about cereal rust
Nationalization of banks was in the year
Mousam Bhavan is located at
% of nitrogen in urea
Largest state in India
Alternate host of P. graminis triticii is


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