ICAR mocks students in Kerala, students can risk their life to attend AIEEA-UG/PG/PhD-2018 re-examination

A system which couldn’t even conduct a national entrance exam in a fair enough manner is now asking the flood victims from the red alert-Kerala zone to swim across the hurdles and reach the exam centre on 18/08/18 to attend AIEEA-UG/PG/PhD-2018 re-examination on time.

ICAR, always known for its anti-south policies had had to cancel its already conducted All INDIA AGRICULTURAL UG-PG and PhD entrance examinations due to rampant corruptions surmounting to faulty question papers, copying and NO surveillance which they have cited as mere administrative reasons.

Forgetting all, the pressure students have faced is infinite, but the last dig of the pit, by the authorities, by not rescheduling the exams cannot be seen with closed eyes.

They are not begging for mercy, its their right!

Justice have to be safeguarded. We are together to strive and strike for it.


What can we do?

  1. Sign this petition -Justice for students in Kerala – Re schedule AIEEA-UG/PG/PhD-2018 examination
  2. Seek justice for students in Kerala!, Lets write to PM about this issue.

Ambu Vijayan


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