Mock Test : General Agriculture – Series 2 (ICAR)


Welcome to your General Agriculture - Series 2

December 16, 2018

Total number of questions : 30

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The first insect resistant variety 'under hill' is related to
Components of prokaryotic ribosome are
The pest which is a result feature and confined to a particular locality
Pusa delicious is ________ Type of papaya
Prominent foul smell of Karnal bunt is due to
Organelles involved in photorespiration
Bundle sheath chloroplast
The most common form of DNA is
The most important process in chemical weathering
India has monopoly in the production of
In photorespiration NH3 evolution take place at
Vector of leaf curl disease of cotton and tobacco
Term genetics was coined by
The level to which given pest population should be reduced to achieve the point where marginal revenue just exceeds marginal cost
Replication of DNA is
Carbohydrate factory of cell is
ABO blood group is an example of
Which one is a total root parasite
______ is the first cotton hybrid
Particle size of colloids is (in microns)
High auxin and low cytokinin favours
Reagent used for the extraction of phosphorus in alkaline soils
Kraz anatomy is seen in
An international pest?
Based on Severity of damage Wheat pests which have been ranked in the order
Vector of tomato spotted wilt
Plasma membrane is
Presursor of ethylene
Odomos the mosquito repellent contains
_______ is a sex limited character


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