Biosciences PhD Student Scholarship – 30/05/2018

Biosciences PhD Student Scholarship  IFPAN, Poland

Title: PhD student in molecular biophysics.

Job Summary: Properties and interactions of natively disordered proteins engaged in biomineralization

Job Description:

The PhD student will Take Part in the NCN Sonata-Bis project “Studies of interactions And dynamics of intrinsically disordered proteins in critical biological methods – biophysical standpoint including single molecule strategy”. The project is centered on investigation the connections of this natively unstructured coral acid-rich proteins which bind calcium in the skeletal organic matrix, on the molecular level. Since intrinsically disordered proteins could embrace a broad array of conformations, they include an important set of “molecular switches”, in which the partial or complete deficiency of the specified structure plays an essential part because of the possibility of a flexible fit to the interacting protein partner or ligand.

Profile of a candidate for the PhD position:

Master degree at one of the following areas: biophysics, physics, biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry or associated (e.g. biotechnology) got no later than June 30, 2018
High motivation for scientific work (publications, conference presentations or other Accomplishments are highly welcome)
Experience in lab work in biophysics, molecular biology or biochemistry
Interest in biophysics, capability to operate in an interdisciplinary team
Analytical thinking, diligence in job
Good spoken and written English skills
Main research area: Physics, Biology

Sub Research Field: Biophysics.

Application deadline: 30 May 2018

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